Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Obviously people must know that i made Sing For me which was doing really well in the grime scene, so Ghetts decided to do a video for it, But before the video was done i was jus sittin at home bored.. and fort let me make a dance remix of the tune an see how it sounds..

obviously after i finished it i told ghetts i got a remix of the tune an he was excited to hear it.

i sent him the tune and belive me he was goin nuts lool!

then i fink about a week after i made the dance remix, ghetts booked a studio session at Danny C's and vocaled it.

Then it was put on the end of SING FOR ME VIDEO the Grime version and people kept asking about it.

For the people who don't know SING FOR ME got Signed by All Around The World/Universal which is a major record label.

and yes it was Produced by me lol. Big up Ghetts, and look out for alot more work from both of us!

anyway heres a Live PA video of SING FOR ME!

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