Thursday, 8 January 2009

Alien Muzik

Aite alot of people have been asking me about alien muzik. Trust me were all doing alot of work.

Margers Mixtape is done, waiting for it to be masterd then pressed should be out by next month. It Features tracks produced by Rude Kid, MGene, Ricochet and Koas(Beat Creatures). The Mc's Featuring on the mixtape are people from alien muzik, Badness and Little Narsty but most of it is just marger. So look out for that. the mixtapes called Breathe easy.

Deathstar is current working on his promo which will be a Free download after his hype on the westwood show. Alot of people were feeling him so its only right he does a free promo for the listeners then hits them with a mixtape.

Rival is working on Prince Of Regant Lane which is his solo mixtape featuring a few people and his also working on a rap mixtape. This guy is one to watch out for young talent.

Nutcase is back on the roads you can go on his myspace and download his free promo which is very big. his currently writing for his new project

Danny D has done alot of promos in the past and has been working on beats aswell look out for him on the Latest Westwood show we go on.

G85 has finished his mixtape and will be out soon and is now working ona new project.

Kwam has been murking the radio scene for a while now and has had 5 promos out, one of the hardest working guys in the scene does alot of work. There will be a major project from him coming!

Champman who is the dj of the team will be uploading a free and giveing away copies of his mixtape, which has the latest beats and vocals from the grime scene

Mgene, Ricochet and Raps are also the producers in the team and alot of there beats will be on these projects which are coming soon.

Ricochet and Mgene have been working hard in the studio, recording and mixingdown the Projects.

There will be a Alien muzik Video out in the summer aswell so look out for that! and we will be doing studio sets to show the levels.

too check out all the artist myspace's go on:

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