Thursday, 8 January 2009


Recently i catched up with nocturnal and asked him a few questions.

How you doing mate:
Im Living mate, Just constantly working.

Good to hear your doing something lol, Whats the best tune you've made?
Lol rah, no lead up into the question, just str8 to the You know what im not sure.
I'd like to say something real deep like 'It hasnt been made yet' but for now i'd say..........

I liked punctuation.... but then the energy that Dont phone me(Ghetts & Griminal) has is one that always gets me moving.
But then, 'The Real Best' was cold....Dont you think Rudes?

RUDES REPLY: nah mate it was ok lol. i remeber when we was all at studio and ghetts was recording 'Dont Phone Me'..FIRE but sing for me was better. lol

who you feeling in the scene and who would you like to work with in the future?
Who i feel in the scene on a production tip, isnt really a single answer. I like alot of producers who bring different things to the table. Im just happy that there is a clear variation and that the level of production is increasing everyday.

On an artist front, id say the people who i like are those i work with. people like Ghetts, Goodz and an earthworm jim look- a-like....Rinse.
Thats not taking away from any others out there. i Only say these guys cos i've seen the othersides they hold aswell as whats seen by the scene.

I'd like to work with alot of people that can be different at times and display the true meaning of an artist. I like what J2k does. I think he has a serious tallent also.

What have you got coming out?
Releases, im going for it this year, so watch this space...what space i hear you cry? Myspace.. sorry, a bit of shameless promo. Nah seriously, I have Nocstrumentals comming out 26TH of JAN 2009, which is an Instrumental cd of what i do best and a collection of the banger ive had on rotation in our scene. and a vocal cd project comming after.
Aswell as that, im gonna get into the release of vinyl more this year aswell.

OK, So Recently you have been slying producers? WHY?

Lol, i dont know? "MAYBE THEY NEED TO UP THE LEVELS MORE!!! Dont you think?

I like a lil conflict, the producers need to come out and play abit more. These mcs do it, so boy, lets get involved.

What do you think of producers who copy other peoples styles?
eerrrm, i think for a track or two people are drawn by influences and its understandable as any style aint really new. but str8 catting a man aint the in thing bruv

Right now, when people ask whos the best producer your name gets mentioned how does that make you feel?

Makes me feel like im doing something right but i always feel like people dont know the cards im holding close to my chest and when they get to see'em they'd be even more amazed.
But yh, its not a big thing, i work hard, so i feel such title is almost deserved.

Do you only make grime or are you working on diffrent genres of music?
Ive always made alot of other genres, so grime is what im known for but i have a wide range of music know-how in other genres. Like, Rap, R&b, Pop, rock, Classical, Jazz, Afro beat, House, Electronic and alot more experimental stuff.
I love R&b thoe, cos i love keys in my production.

You made a Tune called the Real best, I no it was mainly aimed at me but explain how that came along cos that caused a big hype in the scene?

The Real Best, well i never really watched what was happening in grime at the time but everywhere i went, i heard a song called 'the best' better known as Ghetts's 'Sing for me' and i thought it was a good tune but then people kept on asking me if i made it and saying you done a good job. I was like 'nah, its not me who made it'. anyway, i never knew the instro's title and soon found out it was titled 'the best' and i thought.... 'Nah is this guy being cheeky or what'? so i thought let me ground him.. (RUDES: YOU CANT GROUND ME MATE)
At the time i never had any new tracks being played(coz im so stingy, due to bootleggers) so i thought let me do a free download of this and show ppl who the real best is.. But then the twist is i re-made other producers tracks in the 'the Real best' track and let people decide if i was calling it the real best because i think im better or do i think these other producers are seen as the best.. i let you

Rudes reply: Hmmm thats a good answer.. but i still think im better then you. HAHAHA

Anyway is there, anyone we should look out for in 2009
Erm, im not sure, i would say alot of names but if they dont surface then i'd be seen as just talking.
But dispite that, there is one guy who deserves a mention,that being myself. at times i can honestly say, 09 will be a year that Nocturnal surfaces.
Also look out for Ghetts's album and Rinse's album...And Goodz's!


Thanks Very much, Happy new year and

Take care,


Alien Muzik

Aite alot of people have been asking me about alien muzik. Trust me were all doing alot of work.

Margers Mixtape is done, waiting for it to be masterd then pressed should be out by next month. It Features tracks produced by Rude Kid, MGene, Ricochet and Koas(Beat Creatures). The Mc's Featuring on the mixtape are people from alien muzik, Badness and Little Narsty but most of it is just marger. So look out for that. the mixtapes called Breathe easy.

Deathstar is current working on his promo which will be a Free download after his hype on the westwood show. Alot of people were feeling him so its only right he does a free promo for the listeners then hits them with a mixtape.

Rival is working on Prince Of Regant Lane which is his solo mixtape featuring a few people and his also working on a rap mixtape. This guy is one to watch out for young talent.

Nutcase is back on the roads you can go on his myspace and download his free promo which is very big. his currently writing for his new project

Danny D has done alot of promos in the past and has been working on beats aswell look out for him on the Latest Westwood show we go on.

G85 has finished his mixtape and will be out soon and is now working ona new project.

Kwam has been murking the radio scene for a while now and has had 5 promos out, one of the hardest working guys in the scene does alot of work. There will be a major project from him coming!

Champman who is the dj of the team will be uploading a free and giveing away copies of his mixtape, which has the latest beats and vocals from the grime scene

Mgene, Ricochet and Raps are also the producers in the team and alot of there beats will be on these projects which are coming soon.

Ricochet and Mgene have been working hard in the studio, recording and mixingdown the Projects.

There will be a Alien muzik Video out in the summer aswell so look out for that! and we will be doing studio sets to show the levels.

too check out all the artist myspace's go on:


Both these mc's went head to head a few years ago and caused a massive hype in the scene, and now there back at it again.

Who do you think won?

Wiley - Angry Garden Gnome:

Durrty Goodz - Cokey The Snowman


ok so the other day i was on my pc.. and a girl sent me a link to the awards.. i was baffed lol.. but i fink this is a very good idea and im supporting it 100%.

Big up Hij and all the other heads who run grime forum.

click on the link below and get voting.. more votes the better!

Sam Khan - Down

I feeling this tune right now. Sam K's new Debut Single Out soon

Earth 616

Logan Sama Kiss 100 DJ, and one of the main Djs in the grime scene, is bringing out Volumes of Vinyl's.

Who knows Vinyls might be back or have CD's takin over?

Earth 616 sampler 1
Earth 616 sampler 2
Earth 616 sampler 3

are all out in independant record stores.

you can get my tune 'Window Cleaner' from the Earth 616 sampler Vol.2

Logan is also releseing Solo Vinyls from each producer on the EARTH 616 samplers in 2009, so all you djs save up your pennies cos theres gonna be alot to buy.

LEE BRASCO - Maximum Profit

Alot of people think your in ruff squad?
when i first come in the scene it may have look that way because they showed me the guidance to the grime scene, but i dont mind because we are all brothers, we all grew up together. im not in ruff sqwad but i will always be affiliated with them.

Hows your mixtape coming along?

yeah my mixtape is coming along nice, i got some massive tunes on it and a few suprise features on it who you would never of thought. its going to have 17 tunes on it and its called 'deep with the lines' i look forward to the grime fans to listen to it. who ever likes lee brasco will love my mixtape. the production is super cold aswell

Any collabs we should look out for?
watch out for my collab with trim called 'chinese whispers' and my collab with double s 'test our style' and rapid called 'do my ting'

Everyone must of seen you in bare music videos but when are you gona do one?
lol par
yh ive done two videos already 'for da game' ft slix out on channel u soon and 'having a bad day' and im currently discussing a video for 'computer girls' which will be a good look because it seems like it will be fun to shoot and widen the fanbase as its not ur average track.

Whos the best artist uve worked with?
Probaly wiley because in the studio he gives off a energy that brings out the better in you, not alot of people know that wiley is on the chorus of computer girls. i think rapid is aswell because he puts in alot of time work in the studio

Do you think the internet is a big way to promote yourself?
Of course nowadays its the only way because everyone has access to the internet. some people i know say they cant even afford milk and bread but they can pay their internet every month. its madness myspace, facebook, blogs and bebo are good ways to promote.

What are your plans for 2009?
i plan to have a successful mixtape to show people that im not under Ruff Sqwads wing and that i am actually working hard if you take time out to listen. i wanna just be able to make big moves in grime and help out others. by the end of 09 i wanna see a big difference in my carreer as im putting my full 100% in.
anyway talk is cheap, watch my actions!

Any big ups?
big up my mixtape

Thank you

I was also sent this video by Lee Brasco to watch it.. and i was feeling it. Are all grime videos gonna be like this in 2009 lol?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Obviously people must know that i made Sing For me which was doing really well in the grime scene, so Ghetts decided to do a video for it, But before the video was done i was jus sittin at home bored.. and fort let me make a dance remix of the tune an see how it sounds..

obviously after i finished it i told ghetts i got a remix of the tune an he was excited to hear it.

i sent him the tune and belive me he was goin nuts lool!

then i fink about a week after i made the dance remix, ghetts booked a studio session at Danny C's and vocaled it.

Then it was put on the end of SING FOR ME VIDEO the Grime version and people kept asking about it.

For the people who don't know SING FOR ME got Signed by All Around The World/Universal which is a major record label.

and yes it was Produced by me lol. Big up Ghetts, and look out for alot more work from both of us!

anyway heres a Live PA video of SING FOR ME!