Thursday, 8 January 2009

LEE BRASCO - Maximum Profit

Alot of people think your in ruff squad?
when i first come in the scene it may have look that way because they showed me the guidance to the grime scene, but i dont mind because we are all brothers, we all grew up together. im not in ruff sqwad but i will always be affiliated with them.

Hows your mixtape coming along?

yeah my mixtape is coming along nice, i got some massive tunes on it and a few suprise features on it who you would never of thought. its going to have 17 tunes on it and its called 'deep with the lines' i look forward to the grime fans to listen to it. who ever likes lee brasco will love my mixtape. the production is super cold aswell

Any collabs we should look out for?
watch out for my collab with trim called 'chinese whispers' and my collab with double s 'test our style' and rapid called 'do my ting'

Everyone must of seen you in bare music videos but when are you gona do one?
lol par
yh ive done two videos already 'for da game' ft slix out on channel u soon and 'having a bad day' and im currently discussing a video for 'computer girls' which will be a good look because it seems like it will be fun to shoot and widen the fanbase as its not ur average track.

Whos the best artist uve worked with?
Probaly wiley because in the studio he gives off a energy that brings out the better in you, not alot of people know that wiley is on the chorus of computer girls. i think rapid is aswell because he puts in alot of time work in the studio

Do you think the internet is a big way to promote yourself?
Of course nowadays its the only way because everyone has access to the internet. some people i know say they cant even afford milk and bread but they can pay their internet every month. its madness myspace, facebook, blogs and bebo are good ways to promote.

What are your plans for 2009?
i plan to have a successful mixtape to show people that im not under Ruff Sqwads wing and that i am actually working hard if you take time out to listen. i wanna just be able to make big moves in grime and help out others. by the end of 09 i wanna see a big difference in my carreer as im putting my full 100% in.
anyway talk is cheap, watch my actions!

Any big ups?
big up my mixtape

Thank you

I was also sent this video by Lee Brasco to watch it.. and i was feeling it. Are all grime videos gonna be like this in 2009 lol?

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